Wishing bell

Once upon a time a young widow lived in the castle of Bled. Robbers had killed her husband and dumped his body into the lake. She was very sad and depressed and she vas visiting the island in the Bled lake daily and prayed in the chapel. One day she gathered all her gold to commission a bell for the chapel. During the transport of the bell there was a huge storm which sank the boat and the bell along with the boatmen. In the clear nights you can still hear the bell ringing from the deep waters of the lake. After this tragic accident the widow sold her fortune and had a new church built on the island. After that she left for Rome and she took her vows. She died many years later and the Pope blessed another bell, made and set to the island by Franziskus Patavinus in the year 1534. It is to this blessing that a wish will be granted to anyone who rings the bell.

Bled island