History of Pletna

Famous Slovenian Song Writer once said:

“The Land of Kranjska not has a nicer place as is with surroundings this image of paradise”

The only Slovenian island is located in an alpine lake called Lake Bled. And to the island we would like to invite you with a boat called Pletna. Pletna is a name for a 7 meter long and 2 meter wide wooden boat.

That is a name for wooden boats that still carry guests on Austrian lakes. Pletna has through the years gotten the shape that has today. The credit for that goes to the skilled boat carpenters from the village Mlino. First notes in the church books go back to the middle ages of the 12 century. In those days have the poor farmers from the village Mlino that lies on the south coast of Lake Bled Lake received from the authorities and assignment, so instead of paying local tax they had to take pilgrims to the island.

Pletna today

Later on at the times of the empress Maria Theresa have the boatmen received so called ˝servatute rights˝. Those rights were given to 20 families from the village and they were the only ones who cloud transport people to the island. From the time on the pletna-boat business goes from generation to generation. Of course through the years Pletna become bigger and better.

Pletna that we know today is completely safe and comfortable for the Bled Lake. Our boat rides offer many pleasures to our passengers.